Elliot Pope for congress - new generation, conservative leader

Younger generations of voters feel disillusioned with the elite political class. Millennials and GenXers are a majority of the voting electorate for the first time. The tipping point has come. Young Americans feel betrayed by leaders who make promises for the good of the country, but then make decisions based on personal career advancement instead. Our generation has been let down by the elite political class one too many times.

If conservatism is going to succeed in the next decade, it must come to grips with this reality.

There is a movement afoot among young conservatives who want to reclaim the future through the application of conservative principles in a 21st-century context context. We need the application of time-tested truths in a modern context. This is leadership. This is the future.

It's time for a new generation to lead the change.

It is time for a new generation of conservative leaders to build a bridge from conservative, free-market ideas to to the ideals and values of Millennial and Generation X citizens. If younger conservatives do not become more involved in leadership, the future of this generation is at stake. It is important for young leaders with a firm grasp of the Constitution to begin a movement of accountability.

"I’m concerned about the future of conservatism in America. This is an election about the future. My passion is to connect solid, conservative values to a new generation. We do not need to compromise our values, but we do need to engage young voters in relevant ways. Survival of our ideas depends on it."