Why I'm Running

This is the spot where most candidates talk about "the issues." But before we discuss the details of my policy positions, we must first take a step back and look at the big picture.

I have a vision for the future -

Every few years, Republicans fight the same old battles about who is the most conservative. Fighting the battles of the past over and over again isn't getting us anywhere. As Gen X and millennials become a majority of American voters, it’s time for a new generation of leadership that can bridge the time-tested principles our country was founded on with a vision for the future.

Timeless truths with a new vision -

I call this new vision for the future “Rational Conservatism.”

Rational Conservatism is:

  • This is about making decisions that work for real people instead of turning politics into a blood sport of their team vs. our team.
  • This is about dealing with the crushing national debt that will be paid for by younger generations.
  • This is about rejecting the big-corporate game of political entrepreneurism, an often-used ploy, using regulation in the market to make money and protect profits instead of simply allowing a level playing field where the best companies and products can succeed.  
  • This is about knowing that our kids will have better opportunities than we have because government has created a level playing field where small businesses can thrive.
  • This is about not sweeping the big problems under the rug anymore, but addressing them head-on.

This is Rational Conservatism -

Rational Conservatism is the movement that causes a whole new generation of freedom-loving Americans to realize the truth — they’ve been conservatives at heart all along.

We can’t afford to fight the same old battles. A seat in Congress isn’t a prize to be passed back and forth between factions — it’s a tool to make a difference in people’s lives. I hope you’ll join our movement to elect a new generation of Rational Conservatives. Washington D.C. is never gonna know what hit them.

To read where I stand on the issues, click here; What I Believe